Alexandru Capatina
Alexandru Capatina
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Retail logistics service quality: a cross‐cultural survey on customer perceptions
R Bouzaabia, O Bouzaabia, A Capatina
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 2013
Heritage in tourism organisations’ branding strategy: The case of a post-colonial, post-conflict and post-disaster destination
H Seraphin, AC Yallop, A Capatina, VGB Gowreesunkar
International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 2018
Exploring organizational propensity toward inbound–outbound marketing techniques adoption: The case of pure players and click and mortar companies
G Bleoju, A Capatina, E Rancati, N Lesca
Journal of Business Research 69 (11), 5524-5528, 2016
Inbound and outbound marketing techniques: A comparison between Italian and Romanian pure players and click and mortar companies
E Rancati, F Codignola, A Capatina
Risk in Contemporary Economy 2 (1), 232-238, 2015
Implications of logistic service quality on the satisfaction level and retention rate of an e-commerce retailer’s customers
A Micu, K Aivaz, A Capatina
Economic Computation & Economic Cybernetics Studies & Research 47 (2), 147-155, 2013
Perspectives on knowledge management models
Universitas Galatiensis, 2009
Country-based comparison of accommodation brands in social media: An fsQCA approach
A Capatina, A Micu, AE Micu, R Bouzaabia, O Bouzaabia
Journal of Business Research 89, 235-242, 2018
Leveraging intellectual capital through Lewin's Force Field Analysis: The case of software development companies
A Capatina, G Bleoju, F Matos, V Vairinhos
Journal of Innovation & Knowledge 2 (3), 125-133, 2017
The influences of competitive intelligence budgets on informational energy dynamics
G Opait, G Bleoju, R Nistor, A Capatina
Journal of business research 69 (5), 1682-1689, 2016
Modelling the dimensions of a Competitive Intelligence-based corporate culture using the digital memory BRAIN 7
A Capatina, B Vanderlinden
Revista de Management Comparat International 13 (3), 366, 2012
Conceptualizing and measuring content marketing in luxury firms: an exploratory analysis
E Rancati, N Gordini, A Capatina
Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods, 109-132, 2016
Leveraging organizational knowledge vision through Strategic Intelligence profiling-the case of the Romanian software industry
G Bleoju, A Capatina
Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business 5 (2), 2015
Comparative analysis on country reputation through patterns of intellectual capital: The case Portugal versus Romania
F Matos, V Vairinhos, A Capatina, G Bleoju, M do Rosário Cabrita
European Conference On Knowledge Management, 514, 2015
Cross-Cultural Issues Related to Open Innovation in High-Tech Companies from Japan, Romania, Tunisia and Turkey
K Yamazaki, A Capatina, R Bouzaabia, I Kocoglu
Revista de Management Comparat International 13 (4), 561, 2012
Minding the Cultural Gaps between Different Countries-A Real Challenge for the International Managers
A Capatîna, G Schin
Revista de Management Comparat International 14 (5), 704, 2013
The impact of social networks on the awareness increase of a corporate social responsibility campaign: a case study on Alex&Comp Galati
N Cristache, E Lukacs, A Capatina
Proceedings of the INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 7 (1), 165-173, 2013
Knowledge economy and the necessity of knowledge management
D Cristea, A Căpătînă
Editura Europlus Galaţi, 2010
Innovative Analysis of a CRM Database using Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) Technique in Value Chain Management Approach
A Micu, AE Micu, A Capatina
WSEAS International Conference. Proceedings. Recent Advances in Computer …, 2009
Matching the future capabilities of an artificial intelligence-based software for social media marketing with potential users’ expectations
A Capatina, M Kachour, J Lichy, A Micu, AE Micu, F Codignola
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 151, 119794, 2020
Online customer experience in e-retailing: implications for web entrepreneurship
AE Micu, O Bouzaabia, R Bouzaabia, A Micu, A Capatina
International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal 15 (2), 651-675, 2019
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